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Adam Weber

VP, Consumer Marketing

Dollar Shave Club

Search Engine Marketing

Science Substantially Decreased Our CPA

I was running with another agency and they were struggling to hit our target volume numbers at the right CPA metric. Following an SEM audit by the team at Science Growth Labs, I decided to transfer the management to them, and I am glad I did.

Science substantially decreased our CPA, and as a result we lowered our spend while maintaining volume to improve our overall margin.


Carissa Gonzalez

Mobile Marketing Associate & Leading Developer

Facebook and Mobile Games

Facebook Mobile App Installs

I Was Concerned About Transparency

We needed to find a way to increase the volume of installs and lower our cost per install (at the same time). Since I manage our internal Facebook campaigns, I was concerned about transparency. I needed our partner to be 100% transparent with us.

Science Growth Labs has not only delivered great results, but also has been completely transparent with us. They have been particularly helpful in communicating what they are testing so that we can use those learnings for our internal Facebook campaigns. With Science Growth Labs as our partner, we are able to scale the game much quicker than if we kept it all in house.


Ryan Wilson

Director, North America


Facebook & SEM

Highly Sophisticated Marketers, Digital Strategists and Creatives

I was really skeptical about advertising on Facebook at first, but we needed to reach new customers. I decided that we should start with a trial to test out whether we can do this, and I’m glad we did. The positive results from our initial test with Science Growth Labs indicated that this may actually work. The Science Growth Labs team cracked the puzzle on how to acquire customers online and they have become a valuable extension of our own team (SGL now manages both social ads and pay per click for EarPeace).

I’ve been able to shift responsibility to them and they have delivered for us big time. I can provide feedback and guidance and that gets translated into results. The team at Science Growth Labs are highly sophisticated marketers, digital strategists and creatives. They are high caliber, like minded people, who are also business savvy – it’s been a very natural relationship.